help on failed upgrade

ignasigarcia at ignasigarcia at
Sun Jul 2 03:16:18 EDT 2006

Hi there!

Last week we upgraded our server from cyrus 2.1.15
(SuSE 9.0) to 2.2.21 (SuSE 10.1). we had some
/var/lib/imap problems that prevented us from even
starting cyrus. We managed to boot it up after
deleting some databases in db/ and backup/, after
following some thread in a forum. The result, all
email messages stored lost their state (read, unread,
etc.): we could live with that. We thought that next
time we marked them, let's say, as read, that would
work. But it does not. So now, everytime an imap user
gets to access their account, all messages are markes
as new.

Could anybody help me fix that?



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