Mysterious quota poltergeist

Scott Russell lnxgeek at
Wed Feb 22 20:48:07 EST 2006

GreenGecko wrote:
> It doesn't work to set it to no quotas. The numbers get reset anyway. 
> That was how we had it set up originally. Attempts to set the quota to 
> someething high was what we were trying as an altenative to no quotas 
> because it gave us something to try.  No matter the setting we give 
> it, it keeps reseting itself to this bizarre number and throwing the 
> quota errors.  Even with the quota files locked it still would report 
> this bogus number. Now we have it in the database still with no joy.

Without actually solving the mystery, just remove the quotadb file of 
the affected user then run quota -f user.acct to fix up the quota for 
the account.

Scott Russell <lnxgeek at>
IBM Linux Technology Center

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