Cyrus newbie questions

Elver Loho elver.loho at
Wed Feb 22 18:07:34 EST 2006


We're in the process of replacing a proprietary Microsoft Outlook
based setup (that includes shared mail folders) with a
Fetchmail/Postfix/Cyrus/Thunderbird based rollout. I've got a test
system set up that works nicely, but I've come across a few "issues"
that I'd like to get some more info (or just helpful pointers) on.

1. Cyrus does not allow the creation of new folders at the same level
as the Inbox folder. Is there any way to change that?

2. We would like to have real-time status updates in mailboxes. That
is, if there are two users looking at the same mailbox and one of them
marks a message as read, then the other user should also see the
message marked read. Is this possible with Cyrus? (The main e-mail
address to which orders arrive is shared between four people.)

3. Deleting and moving mails in Outlook. This isn't much of a problem
overall, but it'd help the migration if we could work this out.
Basically, deleting an e-mail simply makes the e-mail text appear as
strikethrough in the Outlook folder view. Likewise, moving an e-mail
from one folder to another actually copies it there and marks it
"deleted" in the current folder. This works fine on Thunderbird. Is
there some compatibility option I could enable to "fix" this?

P.S: Thanks for a great IMAP server!

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