Sieve vacation extension broken in 2.2.12?

Ken Murchison murch at
Wed Feb 22 17:00:18 EST 2006

James Ralston wrote:
> On 2006-02-22 at 11:49-05 Ken Murchison <murch at> wrote:
>>Try adding the test recipient's email address(es) (those that would
>>appear in the To: header) with the :addresses option.  E.g:
>>vacation :addresses ["qralston at", "qralston at"] :days 5 :subject "annoying vacation message" text:
> Ah, that was it.
> I realize what the problem is now: our IMAP server's hostname is
>, but in terms of its sendmail configuration, it
> masquerades as  So, vacation is expecting to see
> recipient addresses of the form <username at>, but it
> sees nothing but <username at> recipient addresses.
> Hmmm.  From my read of the imapd.conf, I think this will do what I
> want:
>     virtdomains: off
>     defaultdomain:
> I am understanding these options correctly?  I.e, does the
> defaultdomain also apply to the recipient matching that Sieve's
> vacation extension performs?

It probably won't help.  Chances are that the domain is completely 
stripped off of the envelope recipient by the time the sieve script is 
executed.  Because there is no way for lmtpd or Sieve to know what a 
user's email address is, you almost always have to use :addresses in the 
vacation action.

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