reconstruct -m , alternatives?

Aaron Bennett abennett at
Tue Feb 21 11:19:36 EST 2006


I've got a Cyrus imap system (running 2.2.10) and I think several 
mailboxes are messed up.  Running reconstruct on the individual mailbox 
doesn't fix the problem.

The problem is pretty thorny... I can't delete or do anything to the 
mailbox do to "IO errors" which stem from some filesystem corruption 
earlier in the year.  The mailboxes aren't on the disk anymore, but 
somehow cyrus shows them as existing.  I need to get rid of them but I 
can't delete them.  What I think I _should_ do is run reconstruct -m, 
but that's not available.

My question is, is there a workaround for this functionality?


Aaron Bennett
Unix Systems Administrator
Clark University

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