Cyrus Murder with virtual domains and ldap sasl auth with Postfix

Lenny rahl at
Sat Feb 18 15:38:00 EST 2006


I run a relatively large mail system consisting of 6 frontend servers, 
3 backend servers and a update server using Cyrus Murder. Currently we 
use sendmail on the frontends for incoming smtp delivery (via the lmtp 
socket to the backend).

Due to some irritations with sendmail, we'd like to try out Postfix 
with this Murder configuration.

My biggest question is, how (with Postfix) can I verify if a user 
exists during the smtp session (like socketmap for sendmail, for 
example)? Is there a way without having to dump the mailboxes.db file 
to a virtual file for postfix? The prefered way would be via a unix or 
tcp socket.

Any other pointers would be greatly appreciated as well! Thanks.


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