Removing quotas in 2.3.1 broken?

Scott Russell lnxgeek at
Tue Feb 14 09:05:09 EST 2006

Aristotelis wrote:
>  As Simon already said the quota removal works a bit differently in 
> cyrus imap.

Just a bit. I think what drives Net_IMAP_Protocol() from php pear crazy 
is the difference in response for GETQUOTA.

If no quota db exists for a mail box then this is what cyrus says:
C: GETQUOTA user.scottrus
S: NO Quota root does not exist

However, if the quota previously existed but was set to -1 then cyrus 
responds differently with:

C: GETQUOTA user.scottrus
S: QUOTA user.scottrus ()
S: OK Completed

I'm not sure why cyrus responds differently depending on if the quota is 
-1 or if it was never set at all but it sure would be nice if it 
responded consistently since both situations are effectively the same. 
Any reason why this isn't consistent? Personally I like seeing the NO 
response rather than the empty quota response.

NOTE: For those using php the cmdGetQuota() function from the 
Net_IMAP_Protocol class correctly handles the first example but not the 
second example. For those using the php c-client imap_get_quota() 
function the first example spits php errors and returns FALSE while the 
second example returns an empty array() without giving any php errors.

>  The rmquota patch exists for cyrus 2.2.12. It hasn't been ported yet 
> (officialy at least) to 2.3.1 since there wasn't much demand. If there 
> is more demand we will port it asap to 2.3.1. (the 'auto' patches are by 
> far more popular).

I'm using this patch from Simon's 2.3.1-2 rpm and thus far it's been 
very helpful in testing :)

Scott Russell <lnxgeek at>
IBM Linux Technology Center System Admin

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