Removing quotas in 2.3.1 broken?

Sebastian Hagedorn Hagedorn at
Tue Feb 14 04:10:17 EST 2006

Hi Scott,

--On 13. Februar 2006 17:07:16 -0500 Scott Russell <lnxgeek at> 

> Using cyradm I look at the existing quota for user.scottrus, remove it,
> then look at it again.
>> [root at imap-test users]# cyradm --user cyrus localhost
>> Password:
>  >
>> localhost.localdomain> lq user.scottrus
>>  STORAGE 7/800000 (0.000875%)
>  >
>> localhost.localdomain> sq user.scottrus none
>> remove quota

I didn't even know you could do it like that. I always use

sq user.scottrus 0

>  >
>> localhost.localdomain> lq user.scottrus
>>   /
>> localhost.localdomain> quit
> The last listquota command above returns odd results. I would expect to
> see blank line as with mailboxes that have been created without a quota
> limit set.

I can confirm your observation. But the behavior is the same under 2.2.12. 
I guess that having a 0 quota and setting the quota to "none" have the same 
effect. And apparently you can't go back to the state you had before you 
ever set a quota.

Cheers, Sebastian Hagedorn
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