skiplist recovery

Andrew Morgan morgan at
Sat Feb 11 12:30:29 EST 2006

I upgraded from 2.1.18 to 2.2.12 today and ran into a problem that has 
been seen before on the mailing list - corrupted skiplist seen database. 
The exact error message is:

Feb 11 09:13:39 cyrus-be1 imaps[9223]: DBERROR: skiplist recovery 
/var/spool/cyrus/config/user/c/cooperl.seen: 0428 should be ADD or DELETE
Feb 11 09:13:39 cyrus-be1 imaps[9223]: DBERROR: opening 
/var/spool/cyrus/config/user/c/cooperl.seen: cyrusdb error

I intend to follow Richard Wohlstadter's advice about using dd to truncate 
the skiplist file at the point of the error, like so:

dd if=cooperl.seen of=cooperl.seen.fixed bs=1 count=1064

Has there been any new information on this problem in the meantime?  Is 
there any tool to brute-force recovery on a skiplist database like this? 
Is there any more information I can provide that might be helpful in 
tracking this down?


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