delivery fails to shared folders via formail (permission denied, Postfix)

Denny Schierz cuall at
Thu Feb 9 12:58:47 EST 2006


i have to public folders:


i try to deliver mails for users with no imap account, via the alias

public.notspam:             "|/usr/bin/formail -f -I \"From \"
|/usr/lib/cyrus/deliver -e -a cyrus -m public.NOTPSPAM"

public.spam:                "|/usr/bin/formail -f -I \"From \"
|/usr/lib/cyrus/deliver -e -a cyrus -m public.SPAM"

time ago (less than 1 year), it was working, but now i don't get it
working again.

Postfix tells me:


mx deliver[25902]: connect(/var/imap/socket/lmtp) failed: Permission


(temporary failure. Command output: couldn't connect to lmtpd:
Permission denied_ 421 4.3.0 deliver: couldn't connect to lmtpd_)
                                         public.spam at

All other things are working.

ls -al /var/imap/socket/ srwxrwxrwx   1 cyrus mail    0 Feb  9 17:39

it was root:root, but i changed it to cyrus:mail, in hope, that could be
the trick.

Postfix is version 2.2.5
Cyrus is version 2.2.12

System are Gentoo

any suggestions?

cu denny

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