upgrade fedora core server that is running cyrus-imap

Anthony Messina amessina at messinet.com
Thu Feb 9 11:03:00 EST 2006

this is my introductory message to the list, with a purpose...

i am currently running a fedora core 4 server that runs cyrus-imap 
2.2.12.  i am considering upgrading to fedora core 5 when it is 
available, but in preparation, i would like to know how i can backup the 
cyrus install i have, including the emails it contains, etc. and 
reinstall on the newly upgraded system.

i guess the reason why i want to be sure how to do this is that fedora 
recommends a real/full install where you format the hard drives between 
major releases so nothing will be left and i'll be starting from scratch.

thank you for your help, and for this awesome imap server.


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