ACL problems

Robert Schmid rschmid-cmu at
Wed Feb 8 09:59:30 EST 2006

> "Other Users" is how you see other user mailboxes when you have sort of
> access to them, from an IMAP client.  You won't find "Other Users" in the
> mailboxes.db.
>> Where else should I look to find out how this user is getting access to
>> these other mailboxes?
> What are the permissions on the mailbox that appears under Other Users?
> Perhaps there is an ACL on a subfolder of that mailbox that is granting
> access?  What does "sam" say for the user foo in this case?

OK, I fixed my access problem.  Now, if I log in as user A and do 'lam *'

I see the entire hierarchy for A and they are all in the form

A/m1/m2/m3    A  lrswipcda

as it should be.

If I login as cyrus and do 'lam *'  I see

user/A/m1/m2/m3  default A lrswipcda
user/B/b1/b2     default B lrswipcda

Again, this is what I expect. BUT I DON'T see any indicator that B has
access to A.

But when I login as 'B' and do 'lam *'  I get

B/b1/b2     default B lrswipcda
A/m1/m2/m3  default A lrswipcda

It's clear that B has access to A but so far my efforts to deny access to
B seem to be failing.  Both as A and as cyrus I've tried forms of `sam A/*
B none` without success.

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