ACL problems

Andrew Morgan morgan at
Tue Feb 7 21:38:27 EST 2006

On Tue, 7 Feb 2006, Robert Schmid wrote:

> I have one user with complete access to another users mailbox hierarchy.
> I dumped the entire mailbox database using ctl_mailbox -d.
> I deleted two lines for a couple of shared directories and double checked
> the permissions for the two users.  I could see nothing that would allow
> the one user to see the other.  Also there appears to be a folder 'Other
> Users' under which the other user's directory is seen. There was no sign
> of a mailbox called 'Other Users' in the database.
> I then rebuilt the mailboxes database from the text file.  As expected the
> two shared folders were gone but the one user can still see the other
> user's hierarchy.

"Other Users" is how you see other user mailboxes when you have sort of 
access to them, from an IMAP client.  You won't find "Other Users" in the 

> Where else should I look to find out how this user is getting access to
> these other mailboxes?

What are the permissions on the mailbox that appears under Other Users? 
Perhaps there is an ACL on a subfolder of that mailbox that is granting 
access?  What does "sam" say for the user foo in this case?


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