IMAP sync tool (rsync for IMAP)

Muenz, Michael m.muenz at
Fri Dec 22 03:46:58 EST 2006

>> Sort of like rsync for IMAP, if that makes sense.
>> So far, the only tool I've found is imapsync:
>> Anyone tried it with Cyrus? Good/bad experiences?
> I just used it to move from 2.1 to 2.3, there were a handful of messages 
> it didn't like (~30 out of a few hundred thousand messages) but it 
> appears to have worked well enough to fix the last few messages manually.
> most of the errors were cases of invalid headers that 2.3 wouldn't 
> accept, but 2.1 obviously did.

I used it to move from Exchange 5.5 to Cyrus 2.3. The tool works great 
but like David quoted, there where some messages rejected cause of 
broken headers (Microsoft?!).


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