IMAP sync tool (rsync for IMAP)

Florin Andrei florin at
Thu Dec 21 18:47:26 EST 2006

I'm currently using two IMAP accounts, one on Cyrus-2.2 the other on 

The one on Cyrus-2.3 will get decomissioned so I need to transfer all my 
email, preserving the folders/subfolders tree, under a specific folder 
(oldmail/foo/bar) on the 2.2 server.
I need to do the bulk of the transfer sometime soon, then sync up again 
a few times after that, until the day the account on the 2.3 server gets 

Essentially, I need a tool that I can point at servers A and B and tell 
it "get all the email from my account on server A to a specific folder 
on my account on server B, preserving the subfolders hierarchy".
The tool needs to be smart enough to repeat the operation later on but 
then it must only transfer the new messages.
The tool may run on one or the other IMAP servers, or even on a 3rd 
machine, since it should be network-based. Pretty much all systems are 
Linux 'round here, some Windows stragglers too.

Sort of like rsync for IMAP, if that makes sense.

So far, the only tool I've found is imapsync:

Anyone tried it with Cyrus? Good/bad experiences?

Are there any other tools that work better with Cyrus?

Florin Andrei

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