diplay quota for all users

Rafael Mahecha mahecha at jsums.edu
Thu Dec 21 15:39:55 EST 2006

I would like to see the quota for all my users and output that to a file... I tried the command bellow in a test server, but I'm still a little reluctant to try it on my production server.

su - cyrus -c "/usr/lib64/cyrus-imapd/quota" > /mailstore/quotas_list.txt

Is there anything to keep in mind while running the command? 
Is there are quota database (I did not see one)? 
Should cyrus be stopped while doing this?
Are teh any flags/options to the cyrus quota command?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Rafael Mahecha

Email / Systems Administrator
JSU OIM - Web Services
mahecha at jsums.edu
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