Mailbox is locked by POP server

patrick gibblertron at
Tue Dec 19 15:04:17 EST 2006

I'm also getting this sometimes with some of our customers. I suspect
it does have something to do with the client, as one person is using
Eudora and the other is using Outlook Express. But regardless, the
server should be able to cope with these and unlock the mailbox after
the connection has been dropped. So far, the only way I've found to
cure it is to restart the server which is really not ideal.


On 12/14/06, Martin Schiøtz <malinux at> wrote:
> Hi
> I'm using cyrus-imapd-2.3.1-2.6. I sometimes get this pop3 error. The
> user can login but not receive mails. I get the error for different
> pop3 users. Can somebody help?
> Dec  3 20:13:57 BlackPete pop3[15503]: login:
> [] 200000ba plaintext User
> logged in
> Dec  3 20:13:57 BlackPete pop3[15503]: Unable to lock maildrop
> user.200000ba: Mailbox is locked by POP server
> - Martin
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