Real Time Cyrus user lookups [was: help with backscatter]

Chris Harms chris at
Wed Dec 13 20:26:25 EST 2006

I am very close to having Real Time Cyrus working and performing user 
lookups to halt our backscatter problem.  However, it appears to be 
skipping aliases, etc and trying to validate every email address as is, 
instead of resolving aliases to the underlying mailboxes.  To complicate 
matters, all of the Sendmail maps are done in a database.  Since aliases 
work fine without using mrs_cyrus_mailertable, I'm guess that is my 
issue.  Any pointers are appreciated.

I have configured based on the RTCyrus docs for our domains as follows:

# configuration info

MAILER(`cyrusv2d')dnl Required release B if you use mrs_cyrus_mailertable


# directly specify errot message for non existing cyrus mailboxes
each.domain   mrs_cyrus_mailertable:error:5.1.1:550 User unknown

acess (if you want to accept message to the domains from anywhere):

to:1st.domain   RELAY
to:2nd.domain   RELAY
to:3rd.domain   RELAY

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