Newbie maillog errors

Mirosław Jaworski mjaw at
Wed Dec 13 14:36:38 EST 2006

On Wed, 2006-12-13 at 13:54 -0500, Tom Plancon wrote:

> I've sort of inherited managing a cyrus 2.2.12 email server with postfix
> on a FC4 linux box. Generally things run smoothly, but I'm still getting
> up to speed and I see some errors regularly appearing in the maillog.
> The two most frequent are:
> Dec 13 13:16:41 pelican imap[6609]: SQUAT failed to open index file
> Dec 13 13:16:41 pelican imap[6609]: SQUAT failed
> And
> Dec 13 13:18:14 pelican lmtpunix[6857]: IOERROR: fstating sieve script
> /var/lib/imap/sieve/x/xuser/defaultbc: No such file or directory

Result of debug level logging in your syslog.conf
Decrease it to info.


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