[sendmail] help with backscatter

Marcelo Maraboli marcelo.maraboli at usm.cl
Wed Dec 13 09:34:45 EST 2006

Andrzej Adam Filip wrote:
> Chris Harms <chris at cmiware.com> writes:
>> Thank you for the links, this looks to be very helpful.
>> To those who have kindly told me to go to the Sendmail groups, I
>> suspect Cyrus plays a part in our problem.  I'm now fairly certain
>> that our access db is misconfigured, with the reason stemming from
>> using "To:domain.tld RELAY" as a workaround for Sendmail not
>> delivering to Cyrus many moons ago.
> http://groups.google.com/group/comp.mail.sendmail/browse_thread/thread/a835de809015fa7f
>> [...]

take a look at:


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