[sendmail] help with backscatter

Andrzej Adam Filip anfi at xl.wp.pl
Tue Dec 12 17:31:53 EST 2006

Chris Harms <chris at cmiware.com> writes:
> We are having some trouble with our servers sending out backscatter
> spam.  I realize this is really a Sendmail issue, but if any list
> readers have some insights on the best way to make Sendmail stop
> sending bounces to outside domains, it would be greatly appreciated.

Make sendmail reject messages to non existing cyrus mailboxes in reply
to "RCPT TO:" command in SMTP session. It makes host sending you the
message responsible for generating bounce message.

Take a look at solutions described at
* I suggest "Cyrus Aliases" in virtusertable or aliases for small sites
  or sites with stable list of user mailboxes.
* Otherwise consider deploying "Real Time Cyrus Integration Version 2".

RTCyrus3 is under development 
Testers are welcomed.

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