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Arnau Bria arnau at
Mon Dec 4 11:12:57 EST 2006

On Fri, 01 Dec 2006 12:28:56 -0500
Kevin Kruzich wrote:

> I recently had to "migrate" a sasl auth db from GNU DBM to Berkeley
> DB. I used this:

Mmmm.... why do I need to migrate? I just wondered how to recover my
broken db file.

> Also, there's a very clear and simple toolkit with python that can be 
> used to break open these dbs. That is, if you're a programmer with a 
> little python experience.
It is not my case :-(

Just a little of Perl ...

Thanks for links, I learned something new.


Craig White wrote:

> > I don't use sasldb but I would presume that it uses berkeley db4
> > and if that was the case, with their utilities, something like
> > cd /whatever/directory/sasldb is stored and then something like
> > db_recover should suffice.

Yep, something like that, but did not work...

> > More importantly, why not back it up once in a while?
Yes, that's true, but I have no backup policy in my home server...

> > 
> > Craig

Thansk for both replies,

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