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Kevin Kruzich kkruzich at
Fri Dec 1 12:28:56 EST 2006

I recently had to "migrate" a sasl auth db from GNU DBM to Berkeley DB. 
I used this:

--I know that's 404 so search around for it (hint: it's a python 
script). If not, email me directly and I can send it to you.

Also, there's a very clear and simple toolkit with python that can be 
used to break open these dbs. That is, if you're a programmer with a 
little python experience.

Then there's this:

This changes the realm of the db. Although you may not need to do that 
it may help in breaking down the sasl db.

Good luck,

Craig White wrote:
> On Thu, 2006-11-30 at 16:58 +0100, Arnau Bria wrote:
>> Hi,
>> today, after a "power cut" (I'm not sure if this is correct), I had to
>> startup my home mail server.
>> After that, I found that I was not able to get my mail, so I logged
>> into box and found and error in sasldblistusers2 :
>> # sasldblistusers2
>> listusers failed
>> So, I thought I was some kind of error in my sasldb2 file...
>> I don't know how to dump that db, and check integrity of the file, so
>> I deleted it and created a new one with saslpasswd (i have couple of
>> users)
>> Now it works fine, but I was winder if is there a way for recovering
>> original file...
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> I don't use sasldb but I would presume that it uses berkeley db4 and if
> that was the case, with their utilities, something like
> cd /whatever/directory/sasldb is stored and then something like
> db_recover should suffice.
> More importantly, why not back it up once in a while?
> Craig
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