Possible sendmail misconfiguration to deliver to cyrus

Andrzej Adam Filip anfi at xl.wp.pl
Mon Dec 4 04:55:33 EST 2006

Todd Lyons <tlyons at ivenue.com> writes:
> [...]
> My rudimentary understanding of sendmail macros makes me think that
> instead of checking for users locally, it's checking for user cyrus
> locally (which always succeeds), so the email is accepted for any user.
> If it's a problem with the older version of sendmail that I'm using,
> then I apologize in advance, but a pointer in that direction would be
> most appreciated.

Take a look at http://anfi.homeunix.net/sendmail/#cyrus

You can 
* use "cyrus aliases" and list all valid cyrus mailboxes in aliases or
* use rtcyrus2 solution 

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