NFSv4, anyone?

Adam Kramer akramer at
Fri Dec 1 19:10:47 EST 2006

On 12/1/06, Rudy Gevaert <Rudy.Gevaert at> wrote:
> Adam Kramer wrote:
> > Just another datapoint,
> >
> > Cyrus seems to work fine with a 2.4 kernel via NFSv3 to a netapp filer
> > when mounted with -o nolock. It doesn't use lockd, but it still uses
> > local locking. imaptest has no problems (except for "STORE failed: NO
> > Too many user flags in mailbox" which is just because cyrus has a
> > limit on how many different flags can exist in a mailbox.) I undefined
> > RAND_KEYWORDS and recompiled imaptest and it didn't report any errors
> > in about 20 minutes of running.
> >
> > Obviously with '-o nolock' you won't be able to have two servers
> > accessing the same mail store, but it could be used for quick failover
> > from one machine to another while still having the benefits of a
> > netapp like snapmirroring and .snapshot directories.
> How do you get consistant snapshots?  Without stopping cyrus... Or don't
> you care about that?

As far as I'm aware, Netapp snapshots are atomic across a volume.
Thus, a snapshot should be no different than the state the system
could be left in should it crash or lose power. If a non-filesystem
damaging crash can leave Cyrus in an unrecoverable state, we all have
some other problems to think about. :)


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