a dot in the name ?

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On 31.08.2006, at 14:11, Jorey Bump wrote:
> Mario Pavlov wrote:
>> hello guys ;)
>> I'm using cyrus-imap + cyrus-sasl + postfix as my mail system
>> it works fine
>> but I need to add an account with a dot in the name (e.g. 
>> mario.pavlov at domain)
>> and I don't know how to do that
>> I'm using cyradm for creating mailboxes..
>> can anyone help me, please ?
> While it's common in *addresses*, it's arguably bad practice to 
> include dots in *accounts* (it's achievable, but not reliably 
> portable). FWIW, I handle these as aliases to a simpler account name 
> (either in the aliases file or in $virtual_alias_maps).
Well, that depends. If you use cyrus virtual domains support, it's 
quite usual. And actually - I don't really see where the problem should 
be as the only system in question is cyrus.
In order to do that, you have to switch one option whose name I don't 
have in mind. It's referenced in the virtual domain support readme 
though, so you can start there.


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