Ruby/ManageSieve 0.3.0 released

Andre Nathan andre at
Wed Aug 30 14:57:17 EDT 2006


This a new release of Ruby/ManageSieve with changes which were on CVS
HEAD for some time now.

Ruby/ManageSieve is a pure-ruby library for the MANAGESIEVE
protocol. It also includes the command-line ``sievectl'' utility for
managing Sieve scripts.

Please check the Ruby/ManageSieve homepage for documentations and

A rubygem is also available: gem install ruby-managesieve

== Changes from 0.2.0:

- Support for multiple email accounts.

- Asks the password interactively if it's not found on the config file 
  (This requires the ``termios'' library to be installed).

- Check if there's room for a script before adding it.

- Fix regex for succesful command completion on some servers.

- Better general error handling and nicer output in error situations.

Thanks to Peter Schrammel for pointing out the regex bug above.

== Help needed!

Ruby/ManageSieve currently only supports PLAIN and LOGIN authentication.
That's what our servers support here, so I can't test other methods.

Is there anyone using this library who would find support for other
login methods useful? If you can give me a test account on a server
which supports other authentication methods, I could try implementing
them. Of course, patches are most welcome :)

Best regards,

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