Mailbox does not exist

former03 | Baltasar Cevc baltasar.cevc at
Wed Aug 30 08:07:36 EDT 2006

Hi Bart,

>> Maybe it's a permission problem - try (but remove it later), to grant
>> "p" rights to the folder to anybody.
>>   cyradm> sam user.bbbart.Lists.gphoto.devel anyone p
> this did the trick. damnit, I even quoted this from the manpage. the
> reason I didn't think about permissions problems was the errormessage
> clearly stating that the mailbox didn't "exist" and that I checked  at
> the filesystem persmissions.
> oh well..

Well, it isn't obvious I'd say. What the message is trying to tell
you is: from my point of view, there is no such mailbox.

@Ken: would it be possible to change the message; I remember some more
threads like that on the list.


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