sieve doesn't work

Martin G.H. Minkler minkler at
Tue Aug 29 06:00:59 EDT 2006

Phil Pennock schrieb:

> If you're only supporting PLAIN and LOGIN then without TLS you need a
> minimum of 0.

> sasl_minimum_layer: 1
> sieve_sasl_minimum_layer: 0

After reloading and even restarting cyrus with the changes to the 
sieveshell die line and the imapd.conf in place as suggested, I still 
get the same (slighty longer but unfortunately no more informative) 
error message from sieveshell:

unable to connect to server () at /usr/bin/sieveshell line 174.

Do I need to restart saslauthd to re-read the config from /etc/imapd.conf?

Couldn't really see why since cyrus uses auxprop and saslauthd is only 
used for postfix SASL auth - /etc/defaults/saslauthd:

MECHANISMS="rimap -O localhost -m /var/spool/postfix/saslauthd"

The libsasl2-modules package is of course installed...

Is there maybe an alternative to sieveshell? Telneting sieve seems to 
return such a correct response...

All out of ideas but full of hope ;-)


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