Berkeley DB upgrade - 2nd try

Paul Boven p.boven at
Mon Aug 28 13:27:34 EDT 2006

Hi everyone,

A bit over a month ago I tried to upgrade the Berkeley DB on a 
Cyrus-2.2.12 mailserver. That didn't work out because right at startup, 
'ctl_cyrusdb -r' would fail with 'critical dabase situation'.

After a bit of debugging, I've gotten things down to this:

If I build cyrus against the old version (4.1.25), it runs great. If I 
build it against 4.4.20, it doesn't want to start. Even though I've 
changed tlscache_db and duplicate_db to 'skiplist' in the imapd.conf and 
removed those db-files from the system, so it shouldn't even be using 
Berkeley-db anymore, with all databases being skiplist.
Starting with a clean /var/imap, I can start the newly compiled Cyrus, 
so it has to do with whatever is left in /var/imap/db from the old 
Berkeley version.

I've also done a db_upgrade in /var/imap using the 4.4.20 db_upgrade 
version, but the Cyrus with the 4.4.20 Berkeley libs still won't start.

I'd welcome any suggestions on how to proceed and make this into a 
working mail-server again. (Don't worry, this is only the testbed - the 
really scary stuff is yet to come).

Regards, Paul Boven.

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