Anthony Messina amessina at
Fri Aug 25 04:10:00 EDT 2006

Sam wrote:
> Fri Aug 25 16:45:00 2006 [22304] info: spamd: clean message (-1.2/5.0)
> for spamd:58 in 1.2 seconds, 121280 bytes.
> Fri Aug 25 16:45:00 2006 [22304] info: spamd: result: . -1 -
> scantime=1.2,size=121280,user=spamd,uid=58
> ,required_score=5.0,rhost=localhost,raddr=,rport=57728,mid=<002201c6c812$00388b30$c718010a at HP65321122426>,autolearn=ham

> What does the value of result tell me? some are with 17 as well..
> I just want to know which message get blocked by spamd

where it says "required_score=5.0" means that the message being scanned
must have a score of at least 5.0 to be considered spam by spamassassin.
 where it says "clean message (-1.2/5.0)" means that the message being
scanned only got a score of -1.2 out of the required 5.0 so it is NOT
spam, according to your spamassassin setup.  in your
/etc/mail/spamassassin/ file, you can configure many, many
different things, including the score required to be considered spam.

spamassassin alone, does not block spam or do anything else but identify
and/or tag it as spam.  other programs in conjunction with spamassassin
(such as procmail or cyrus's sieve) can do things with (like trash or
move to a special folder) the message that spamassassin has identified
as spam.

see "man spamassassin" or "perldoc Mail::SpamAssassin::Conf" for
configuration information.

you really should check out the spamassassin mailing lists as they would
be a better place to get info:

8F89 5E72 8DF0 BCF0 10BE 9967 92DC 35DC B001 4A4E

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