Problem with horde/ingo and sieve

VALOIS, Pascal pascal.valois at
Fri Aug 25 03:32:52 EDT 2006

        i'm quite new to sieve, and i have to following problem 
        when i log to imp (the messaging component from the horde
        framework), i
        can read my mail in imap (no login problem so).
        i can add a filter using sieve with the ingo component. i'm sure
        par works cause when i ssh to my cyrus server, i can see the
        in /etc/sieve/t/test (test beeing my login) in a file named
        and a compiled version of it named ingo.bc. thus there is a
        symbolic link to ingo.bc.
        now, what i wanna ask, is HOW can i check step by step that
        sieve is
        functional ? 
        in fact, how does it works ? 
        i know that cyrus-master call timsieved as a service to ensure
        putting a script through tcp/2000 connection works.
        but when the mail is recieved, postfix send it to cyrus-deliver,
        then when and how does sieve act ? how can i check it works
        perfectly ? 
        hope someone can help me
        Pascal Valois
        Pole Universitaire Leonard de Vinci

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