Anyone with experience using imapsync

Rob Tanner rtanner at
Tue Aug 22 01:29:26 EDT 2006


I tried various combinations based on your suggestions.  The --prefix2 
"INBOX."  was the most interesting.  Instead of userxyz, I ended up with 
INBOXxyz.  Just a variation on the same problem. 

One thing I did forget to mention.  The saslauthd program is pointing to 
the shadow file at the moment, and none of the folks (ultimately I need 
to move about 4,500 accounts) are in the shadow file.  I have to 
eventually switch the pointer to LDAP but that requires some other prep 
that I'm not yet ready for.  But could that possibly explain my problem?

-- Rob

On 08/21/2006 05:21 PM, David Lang wrote:
> I'm working with it to copy some things currently, I'm doing it a user 
> at a time, and found that I needed to set --prefix2 "INBOX." (note the 
> . ) to get things to copy properly. it looks like you may need to set 
> --sep or --sep2 to "." as well.
> also, take a look at imapcopy, if you are just doing a one-way move it 
> may be easier to setup (imapsync can keep the two in sync while you 
> are testing)
> David Lang
> On Mon, 21 Aug 2006, Rob Tanner wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I'm trying to migrate mail from one IMAP server to another using the 
>> perl program imapsync.  Both the source and destination servers are 
>> Cyrus IMAP4 v2.2.3 servers.  I have added a second partition to the 
>> destination server and made it the default by configuring imapd.conf 
>> as follows:
>> partition-default: /var/spool/imap
>> partition-belgarath: /var/spool/belgarath
>> defaultpartition: belgarath
>> With this setup, I can use cyradm and by hand correctly adds users to 
>> the new partition.  When I use imapsync to copy users over.  Instead 
>> of folders such as and user.xyx.sent and, I 
>> get userxyz and userxyzsent and userxyzdrafts -- all as separate and 
>> entirely independent folders and not even a hierarchy.
>> Here's a script I used just to test and move over one user:
>> #! /bin/bash
>> ./imapsync \
>>       --host1 --user1 cyrus --passfile1 
>> /home/rtanner/imapsync/cyrus.pwd \
>>       --host2 --user2 cyrus --passfile2 
>> /home/rtanner/imapsync/cyrus.pwd \
>>       --syncinternaldates \
>>       --subscribe \
>>       --include "^user\.aabryan.*$"
>> Any idea what I'm doing wrong?
>> Thanks,
>> Rob

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