global sieve folder ... ?

Ken Murchison murch at
Tue Aug 15 08:30:10 EDT 2006

Marc G. Fournier wrote:
> This is the first time I've ever seen this ... when I put a filter in 
> for an account that happens to be listed in the 'admins' section of 
> imapd.conf, it is putting the filter into a global directory, instead of 
> the admin sieve directory ...
> I've been doing this for years, where the 'admin' account is a catchall 
> mailbox, created by defualt with new domains, and for those clients that 
> just want to forward all email to another address, they just create a 
> filter on that account, instead of creating other mailboxes ...
> Why is it all of sudden starting to create this global directory, and 
> how do I make it stop? :)

Admins aren't supposed to be regular users, meaning they aren't supposed 
to have INBOXes or sieve scripts.  It has said this in the docs for a 
quite while (perhaps as far back as v1.6?).

Cyrus 2.3 and recent 2.2 releases allow sieve scripts to be placed on 
shared mailboxes.  This is done by authenticating to timsieved as an 
admin, which then places scripts in the global/ namespace.

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