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Tue Aug 15 06:09:05 EDT 2006

Hi Paul,

>>> So far I know this are shared folders. Is it possible to receive mail
>>> directly in a shared folder? If yes: how?
>> The way to do it is to designate a "postuser" (most commonly "cyrus") 
>> in Cyrus imapd.conf.
>> Then you can submit mails via SendMail or PostFix, via virtual users:
>> paul-group at    cyrus+paul
>> Most commonly, though, people use "shared/..." hirearchy for shared 
>> folders, so it would translte to:
>> paul-group at    cyrus+shared.paul
>> or paul-group at    cyrus+shared/paul (if you are using 
>> UNIX hierarchy separator).
> I've a mailbox user.paul and a folder "user.paul.postbank". When I send
> a message to "paul+postbank at" the message comes in my
> inbox, and not in the folder "postbank".
> I've also tried in /etc/postfix/virtual:
> postbank at  paul+postbank
> But it does not help.
> I am using Cyrus 2.1 what comes with Debian.
The soulution may be - as Rudy already wrote - the recipient delimiter 
setting (in case you use deliver) or wrong permissions in your Cyrus 
setup - if the posting user (Postfix is just a user to Cyrus, too) has 
no permission to post messages to user.paul.postbank at, it 
will fall back to user.paul@ in order not to fail delivery completely. 
So make sure, the user you use for delivery has post permissions (I 
think lmtpd writes the username in the logs, so have a look there).


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