MD5-encrypted passwords in a SASL-SQL-database

Haakon Gjersvik Eriksen hakon at
Thu Aug 10 08:51:14 EDT 2006

Hello, everyone

We're about to migrate a server from Courier-IMAP to Cyrus-IMAP. The 
Courier-server autheticates via authdaemond to a MySQL-server, and the 
passwords in the MySQL-server are MD5-encrypted.

I can not get authentication to work with Cyrus and SASL (with the SQL 
auxprop-plugin) with the encrypted passwords, only when the passwords 
are in plaintext. The question is, is there something I've not 
understood in how to configure Cyrus/SASL, or does the SQL 
auxprop-plugin require all the passwords to be in plaintext?

If it is not possible to have MD5-encrypted passwords, does anone have 
any suggestions what we could do instead? Authenticate against Courier's 
authdaemond, perhaps?

  - Haakon

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