cyrus UIDL - POP double download problem

Vincent Fox vbfox at
Tue Aug 8 14:15:22 EDT 2006

So when moving mailboxes from UWash to Cyrus, the obvious solution seemed
to be use imapsync.

I just did a test-run of it moving my own mailbox from UW to Cyrus.  It
looks like the UIDL changes in the process, so any POP client is going to
do double-downloads of INBOX contents.

Is there any way to preserve the UIDL information? I took a look at RFC1939
and it leaves the implementation of how this is derived to the software. I
gather it's typically a hashed valued of the message contents, so I would
have thought a message would have same hashed value on 2 different server.
Apparently not. How does Cyrus derive the UIDL?

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