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Alexander Dalloz ad+lists at uni-x.org
Mon Aug 7 08:52:25 EDT 2006

Sam schrieb:

> Sam wrote:
>> Hi,
>> The pop login failed with cyrus-imap23.
>> the error message is:
>> Aug  7 15:17:10 newbox pop3[35477]: badlogin: sender.com [] 
>> plaintext sam SASL(-13): user not found: checkpass failed
>> In the other mail box (core2) with the identical configuration, the 
>> login is successful with the following message:
>> Aug  7 14:19:01 core9 pop[14569]: login: [] john plaintext 
>> User logged in
>> Would this mean cyrus in box is using SASL, while core9 does not?
SASL is used anyway, just in the trouble case it failed.

>> Thanks
>> SAm
> I just found out the imap/spool/ directory is empty. Should I populate 
> this directory with user names in order to get the login success?

If you installed Cyrus-IMAPd by a package install all necessary 
directories would have been created automatically. Although you have to 
create each mailbox using cyradm, unless the autocreate patch is 
configured and used.

> Thanks
> Sam

You offer much too few information. Can we guess your OS is Fedora Core? 
Provide detailed information about your Cyrus-IMAPd and Cyrus-SASL setup.


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