Only some mailboxes don't accept incoming messages, no error in the logs for this?!

Rustedt, Florian florian.rustedt at
Wed Aug 2 06:41:31 EDT 2006


i am pretty new to cyrus, so excuse my low expertise:
We've set up a combination of postfix+sasl+mysql+cyrus. Transport is

It is running now flawlessly since about one year, but now, we've got a
severe problem:
Three of our customers can't get mails. The Mail is transported via postfix
and via lmtp. Both logg an "sent=ok", the lmtp-log only contains
additionally some errors about missing sieve-files. However i got no sieve
configured, so it should be not of interest.

What can i look for now? Where could be the error?

It seems, that postfix/lmtp delivers the mail and cyrus accepts it, without
error. And then the Mail get's lost?!

Of course, there is enough diskspace and no high load.

Kind regards, Florian
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