restore email

Sam sam at
Tue Aug 1 01:39:54 EDT 2006

Sam wrote:
> Hi,
> I want to restore some email from the email backup directory.
> I created a directory called "backup" in a user/me directory, and 
> executed reconsturct from cyrus, but after relogin the mail client, I 
> don't see user/me/backup exist from the mail client.
> I want to copy all the following backup file to the user/me/backup/ 
> folder, so that the mail client can browse thru all backup email from 
> that folder without mess up the new emails.
> Can anyone please tell me how to do that in cyrus?
> Thanks
> Sam

If my client only want to replace all emails in the Inbox folder, which 
folders/files should I overwrite?


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