timsieved sasl missing

Craig White craigwhite at azapple.com
Fri Oct 28 19:34:16 EDT 2005

On Fri, 2005-10-28 at 15:02 -0700, Andrew Morgan wrote:
> I've been trying to setup timsieved on my test cyrus box (v2.2.12), but I 
> seem to be missing something, probably obvious.
> I have a working installation of cyrus with imap, imaps, and lmtp.  I use 
> saslauthd.  I added a stanza for timsieved in cyrus.conf, and I can 
> successfully telnet to the sieve port.  sivtest returns the following:
> ---------------------------------------------
> [root at mail1 config]# sivtest -a cyrus localhost
> S: "IMPLEMENTATION" "Cyrus timsieved v2.2.12"
> S: "SIEVE" "fileinto reject envelope vacation imapflags notify subaddress 
> relational comparator-i;ascii-numeric regex"
> S: OK
> Authentication failed. generic failure
> Security strength factor: 0
> ---------------------------------------------
> It never asks me for a password, and I appear to be missing a SASL 
> capabilities line following the IMPLEMENTATION line.  I don't know why 
> sieve isn't detecting my sasl settings from imapd.conf.  Here are my sasl 
> settings:
> sasl_mech_list: PLAIN
> sasl_minimum_layer: 0
> sasl_pwcheck_method: saslauthd
> sasl_auto_transition: 0
> I can post my complete imapd.conf file if that would help.  Does anyone 
> have any ideas?
I can never get sieve/sieveshell to work for the user cyrus but the
other users, no problemo.

Inasmuch as you are way far more knowledgeable about all things cyrus, I
am timid to offer the advice but that's been my experience.


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