SQUATTER script and non English folders

lkolchin at univ.haifa.ac.il lkolchin at univ.haifa.ac.il
Thu Oct 27 19:34:17 EDT 2005


/usr/lib/cyrus/bin/squatter -r user

works fine for me, but the idea of one letter  of the alphabet at a time is nice.

Interesting, when I use webinterface (IMP or Squirremail) after I've finished to run squatter I got this message:
imap[15835]: SQUAT returned 45 messages

But after a while, when I got new messages in this account, I've got this message:
imap[16924]: SQUAT returned 46 messages

Does it mean that cyrus.squat file has been updated automatically, even before I've run "squatter -r user" again?
If so, why should I run "squatter -r user" on regular basis?

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Leon Kolchinsky

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-- David Carter said the following on 10/27/05 8:53 AM:
> On Thu, 27 Oct 2005, lkolchin at univ.haifa.ac.il wrote:
>> 1) I'm running the following script as a cronjob every night:
>> #!/bin/bash
>> su - cyrus -c "/usr/lib/cyrus/bin/squatter -r user/*"
>> But, it creates cyrus.squat file only in subfolders of the users 
>> INBOX, i.e. /var/spool/imap/user/username/ doesn't include 
>> cyrus.squat but /var/spool/imap/user/username/Drafts/ does include 
>> cyrus.squat after running the above script.
> Looking at the code, that will generate squat indexes for all 
> mailboxes matching user/*/*, which will match user/dpc22/foo, but not user/dpc22.
> I suggest that you try: "/usr/lib/cyrus/bin/squatter -r user" or just 
> "/usr/lib/cyrus/bin/squatter".

Since you've looked at the code, what about:

  squatter -r 'user.a*'

What I'd like to be able to do is to squat on one letter of the alphabet at a time, cycling through the letters maybe once a month. Obviously not all messages will be squatted on, but I'm worried that if I try to squat the entire server every night, the I/O from that combined with backups will mean that the squatting never finishes in time for active business hours. So I was thinking that a compromise would be to keep most of the messages squatted by cycling through what mailboxes I squat......

(Can you imagine someone reading this out-of-context? ;-)


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