virtual domains and subdomains

Casper casper at
Wed Oct 26 05:38:05 EDT 2005

Cap wrote:

>I would like to create mailboxes with fully qualified names like
>user at sub.domain.tld. I turned on  
>virtdomains: userid
>unixhierarchysep: 1
>in imapd.conf, like the documentation says. Now I have no
>problems creating and using mailbox names like joe at onedomain.tld
>and joe at otherdomain.tld. But if I use cyradm and try to create a
>mailbox for a subdomain it will not work:
>localhost> cm joe at
>createmailbox: Invalid mailbox name
>Is this generally impossible? And if not, what coul dbe wrong
>and how can I achieve this? 
>I have installed:
>Thanks for help,
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>Cyrus Home Page:
>Cyrus Wiki/FAQ:
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in imapd.conf on virtualdomain set to yes not userid.
Also add alternativenamespace yes and unixhierarchysep: yes.

Then add users like,

cm user/olle.bolle at sub.domain.or.standard.domain.tld

this makes the emailbox  olle.bolle at sub.domain.or.standard.domain.tld
but this does not make the emailbox INBOX so it can't collect incomming 

Add a inbox like this

cm user/olle.bolle/inbox at sub.domain.or.standard.domain.tld

About the making of mailboxes like user.olle.bolle or user/olle.bolle is 
depending on the altnamespace and unixhieraky in imapd.conf.


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