Subscribe user folder using telnet

Ken Murchison murch at
Tue Oct 25 11:48:15 EDT 2005

Patrick T. Tsang wrote:
> Thanks Ken
> This is still a good way.
> However, is there any commands which is working for subscribing user IMAP
> folder using root admin,cyrus, in telnet mode?

Not easily.  The best way is to use imtest, otherwise you're going to
have to replicate its functionality.

> This is important to my company project since we will access the cyrus mail
> server using socket connection.

TCP socket or UNIX socket?  imtest certainly works over TCP

> BTW, how to PIPE subscribe command into imtest such that I can do the
> subscription by just one single shell command line?

You can use the -f <file> or -x <file> options which will pipe the
contents of the file or named socket into the connection after

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>> Patrick T. Tsang wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>> I would like to use telnet (console) to subscribe user IMAP user 
>>> folders.
>>> How to do it?
>>> What is the standard way / command ?
>>> Since I login onto the IMAP server using the root user, cyrus,
>>> I can do many things but I cannot subscribe user IMAP folders.
>> Rather than using telnet, use imtest which can do the proxy
>> authentication that you need.  Do something like this:
>> imtest -t '' -m plain -a cyrus -u <user> <servername>
>> When prompted, enter the password for cyrus (alternatively, use the -w
>> option to put the password on the command line).
>> This will use the PLAIN mechanism under a TLS layer to authenticate you
>> as cyrus, but authorize you as whatever user that you want to have
>> subscribe to mailboxes.
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