Cyrus & Sendmail

Petre Agenbag petre at
Mon Oct 24 09:35:43 EDT 2005

Hi list


I've posted here a while ago about apparent sendmail auth probs and have
been unable to find a solution thus far (neither CentOs nor sendmail
lists were helpful)


My new question thus;


Is there ANYONE on this list that has managed to get the latest sendmail
and cyrus to work on either RHEL4 or CentOS4 or FC4?

If so, would anyone be willing to share how they got it working (
specifically the sendmail relaying auth via saslauthd)?


If there is indeed no one who can get this combo running, please tell me
what combo you CAN get running on said platform.


Any help will be greatly appreciated!



Kind regards,
Petre Agenbag



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