Cyrus nntp and virtual domains

Lars Kellogg-Stedman lars at
Mon Oct 24 08:56:55 EDT 2005


I've been using cyrus-imapd for several months now to host a small set
of virtual domains.  I've spent some time recently trying to get the
NNTP support working, and I'm afraid I'm stuck -- it looks like I can
have either NNTP *or* virtual domains, but not both.

The nntp server only sees top-level, unqualified mailboxes (e.g.,  On the other hand, users logging into to virtual
domain accounts (user at domain) *only* see mailboxes that exist in that
virtual domain ( at

I haven't figured out how to make either (a) top-level shared folders
appear for all users, or (b) make nntp see mailboxes in virtual
domains.  Are either of these configurations possible?  I'm working
with version 2.2.12 right now (because that's what the vendor
provides) but I'd be happy to upgrade if that would solve my problem.

Thanks for your help,

  -- Lars

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