Problems with pop3d

Fabian Hellmundt fabi at
Mon Oct 24 07:19:34 EDT 2005

Hello everyone,

we're setting up a new mailserver for our local school and had chosen cyrus for imap/pop3. The point is that everything works fine (the whole authentication thing with sasl etc...) except the pop3d: At first pop3d works, connecting to port 110 it shows the banner and your're able to authenticate. But after authenticating and quitting and trying a secound time, the connection can be established indeed, but you don't get the greeting banner of the pop3d. It seems to be a dead connection. Moreover you get a zombie-pop3d-process every time you try to connect. And if you wait a random time, cyrus seems to "heal" itself and everything works fine again.

We would be very happy if you help us because we want to start the new system the day after tomorrow ;-)

Thanks in advance!
Fabian Hellmundt, Administrator of the Michaeli-Gymnasium in Munich
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