Can I bypass authentication for connections from a host

Andreas Haase andreas.haase at
Thu Oct 20 12:30:04 EDT 2005


>   We are running cyrus-imapd-2.2.3-8 on linux. I would like to run some
> maintenance script from a server. Can I configure cyrus to bypass
> authentication for connections from one IP

it should be possible to ignore passwords, so that you only have to giv 
the valid usernames. Try the following:

 	- cyrus.conf: new line for imapd or pop3, that runs bound to a
 	  specific ip address and with custom config file
 	- in config file alter options for sasl to use another instance
 	  of saslauthd
 	- run a custom saslauthd to authenticate with pam
 	- alter pam-config to use pam_permit

Make sure, no other person can connect to that server, it would be a 
really big security risk. And let me know whether it works or not ;-)


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