Problems with Squirrelmail

Andrew Morgan morgan at
Mon Oct 17 13:55:08 EDT 2005

On Mon, 17 Oct 2005, Nick Trenary wrote:

> Cyrus imapd v2.2.12 and Squirrelmail v1.4.5 running on OS X server 10.4.2. 
> I've been having intermittent problems with our imap server since day 1.  The 
> problem appears to occur when users logged into Squirrelmail try to move mail 
> from one mailbox to another.  For whatever reason the imapd process for that 
> user goes into an interruptible state, I've tried to kill the process in 
> various ways but only a reboot fixes it.  Mailaccess.log does not provide any 
> info that is out of the ordinary.  This only happens with SM users, Outlook, 
> T-bird, Eudora run without incident.  Can anyone shed any light here?

I'd try enabling IMAP telemetry logging for that user and see what 
Squirrelmail is actually trying to do.  How is it different from the IMAP 
commands Outlook, Thunderbird, etc use for the same operation?

Also, that log plus a gdb backtrace and/or strace output would probably be 
useful to the developers in identifying any bug in Cyrus.


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