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brad brad at
Fri Oct 14 11:08:08 EDT 2005

We are trying to migrate a batch of users from Imail over to cyrus and
are using imapsync to get the mail transferred.  Even though we are
using --subscribe as an imapsync option, the mailboxes are not coming in
with any of the folders subscribed.  We don't want every user to have to
go in and subscribe to all their folders.  I tried editing the user.sub
file and adding a folder to the list but it still does not show up as
subscribed in squirrelmail.  However, if I subscribe to a folder through
squirrelmail and then delete that folder from the user.sub, the folder
then shows as not subscribed.  

Is there a trick to editing the user.sub file?  It wouldn't be too
painful to write a script that parses the mailboxes file and then adds
all of a user's folders to their .sub file, but this isn't working for
me.  The only other option I am seeing is a script that logs into IMAP
and issues a SUBSCRIBE for every folder in the mailboxes file.

Brad Crotchett, RHCE
brad at

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